Case Study – Bearicuda SERPs

A Comprehensive Strategy Dominates SEO rankings

The amount of ranking keywords and the length of time they have maintained them is beyond reason. The truth is quality SEO takes a lot of time and effort, it doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot more to it than just keywords on a page. For Bearicuda Inc., the key to its top rankings has been maintaining quality and consistency over time. The adage content is king is still true but it’s changed over the years. The algorithms that search engines use to determine which pages show up in search engine results have evolved over time as well. The content is still the most important factor but it is geared more towards the quality of experience for the visitor than just identifying keywords on your pages.

The SERP landing pages must accurately present what the visitor is searching for and the messaging, as well as the images, must be designed with the user/visitor in mind, not search engine spiders. Bearicuda provides targeted pages with specific detailed product information that clearly provides the visitor with the information needed to purchase the product.

Here are some of the results we’ve achieved.

Bearicuda’s SERP’s for bear-proof garbage cans and bearproof trash cans consistently appear in top organic search results. Optimizing images is another often overlooked area but when done properly can result in a fair amount of traffic to your site. Incorporating other channels such as Amazon, you will see Bearicuda trash cans have top rankings there as well.

bear proof cans
SERP trashcans

Bearicuda’s SERP’s for bear-resistant dumpsters and bear-proof dumpsters come up as #1 and #2 consistently for organic searches. In addition to organic landing page results, Bearicuda images come up as well which also brings traffic to the site.

bear resistant dumspters
bear proof dumspters

Bearicuda’s SERP’s for metal trash can enclosures comes up #2 and bearproof trash can enclosures come up as #1 and #2 for organic searches and it also comes up for a Bearicuda video.

metal trash enclosures
SERPs bearproof trash enclosure

Bearicuda’s SERP’s for wooden trash can storage enclosures comes up #1 and #2 and wood trash can enclosures come up as #1 and #2 for organic searches and several Bearicuda images also appear on page 1.

SERPs wood trash storage enclosure
wood trash enclosures

The results speak for themselves. It shows how having a comprehensive strategy with good relevant content targeting specific keyword phrases, optimized images, and video, social media, and other selling channels all work together to produce consistent top rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). Rankings don’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort and most importantly a good strategy.