Case Study: Chartwells Higher Education

“Student Choice” Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Chartwells Higher Education is a food service company that services many colleges and university campuses across the US and Canada. Each campus has an onsite marketing department that caters to the needs and wants of its campus and community. The goal of this marketing campaign created for the Chartwells HE corporate office would be distributed and implemented at each of their 30 campuses.


The task was to create a campaign that would engage students with the dining service and give them a choice in the meals being offered.


Create a multi-channel campaign that would incorporate, print, social media, polling software, and the website and work with multiple devices and integrate with their LMS system. The campaign would include implementation instructions, design templates, customizable banners, posters, flyers, LCD screens, and a tabletop brochure.

Student Choice
Student Choice Brochure


Each campus would create a poll through and post it on their campus dining social media page, as well as on tablets located in the dining halls on campus. Students would pick from 3 or 4 menu options that they would like to have the dining hall serve the following week.

The campus dining staff and marketing found it easy to use and implement because all the design work was done for them. They simply had to customize the easy-to-use templates with their campus logos and information. The chefs and dining staff found it to be easy to plan, buy and prepare healthy meals that the students themselves chose.