Top Converting Website Tips

Five Tips To Help Improve Conversions

Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from top-performing sites

Whether conversions come by way of a product purchase, file download, or lead form submitted there are many effective techniques to improve conversions on your website. First, we’ve identified the top 5 that top performers do consistently to move the needle.

 1. Create a compelling headline

Did you know you have 0-8 seconds to capture the reader’s interest?  After 8 seconds, the majority of visitors leave, so you need to make a compelling headline and landing page.

2. Create content for each stage of your customer’s lifecycle

Approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. Understanding your audience and nurturing web visitors through the customer lifecycle is key to longevity.

3. Create specific landing pages for your target audience

  • The more landing pages you have, the more leads you are likely to get. Targeted landing pages with clear calls to action convert better. Generic catch-all landing pages tend to have higher bounce rates.

4. Use videos to help sell your products

  • Product videos can increase purchases of the product by 144%. Videos are a great way to show product applications, how-to instructions for DIY, and convey complex ideas in a short concise format.

5. Test, test, test to know what works and what doesn’t

  • A/B testing is the preferred method that has brought a lot of the companies the most success. Testing everything from headlines, layout, images, and text can provide valuable insights to minor modifications that can yield big dividends.

There are many other factors that can affect conversion for your website, but these five are the most commonly used by effective marketers. Here are some additional techniques to try.

  • Customer Service – Implementing a “Chat Now” button increased free signup form submission by 31%.
  • Credibility and trust – recently boosted its conversion rate 2.7% by having a security seal on its site.
  • Personalized, solve a problem – Including a pain point in a headline increased conversions by 31%.
  • Credibility and trust – Showing testimonials can drive validation.
  • Accessibility, ease of use – Having a nice mobile site can double conversions.
  • Targeted content – Segmenting your users can increase conversion rates by giving more relevant content to the user.

The important thing is to test and experiment. Each company and audience is different, so find out what works for your target audience.