6 tips to improve conversions


6 Practical Tips For Improving Conversions

Set specific goals, monitor analytics, test and adjust

An important part of any company website is that the click-thru rate will increase revenue. It is always a good feeling to see your web traffic increase because that means that people are coming to your site and checking out your products and services. More web traffic usually means more business, right?

Not always.

Conversion rates are an entirely separate entity from click-thru rates (traffic). Though there may be a lot of people on your site, they may not be interacting with it. They may only make it as far as the landing page before they click away. This can create lower sales for your company, even if the number of people visiting your site seems to say otherwise.

So how can you increase your conversion rates? There are several steps you can take for this.

First off, let us look at possible reasons why your conversion rates could be off.

Let’s take a look…

Are you tracking all your conversions?
One of the first steps to take would be to ensure you are tracking every single conversion. Make sure you are tracking phone calls, purchases, form sign-ups, web chats, etc.
There are many types of conversions, for example; phone calls, purchases, form sign-ups, and web chat can all be conversion goals. They should be tracked separately to ensure you know what is working and what is not. Making the appropriate adjustments based on the analytics will help you to improve conversions.

Do you REALLY know your audience base?
Understanding just who your audience is can help keep your sales steady. Running some marketing research on your product can give you a clearer idea of who is buying it. You can also collect data or conduct customer surveys which will help negate any generalizations of your audience and help you target the consumer in a more precise and efficient way.

Do you have enough detail?
A simple, clean, and plain page design is often aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, but it may not help you portray your products effectively. Having multiple perspectives and information on your products can mimic the sensation of being in a store and examining a product in person. This often helps your audience make more informed decisions and increases your rate of satisfied customers. Giving significant product detail can help your conversion rates to increase.

Is your website up to date?
If your website has an older format, it may lose the interest of your audience. This can be especially true if your site is not mobile-friendly. Make sure that your site is easily navigable with fonts and font sizes that work on all screen types. Since so many people use their phones or tablets in lieu of their computers these days, it is important to take them into account when formatting your website.

Are you bringing in the wrong traffic?
If your analytics report shows high traffic but low conversion rates, it may be because your site is not bringing in the right traffic. This is often caused by misrepresentation of your site, which is often caused by not using accurate keywords of descriptions of your products and services. Focusing on your targeted audience will attract visitors that want to buy your products.

Is your navigation problematic?
If your navigation is not clear or it is too complex it can raise some issues. If it’s too confusing for customers to figure out how to find your products or services, the chances are your conversion rates will be much lower. If your navigation is clear and user-friendly, it will make it easier for customers to find and purchase your products.

Now that we have an idea of some of the reasons why your conversion rates could be lower, let’s discuss some possible solutions.
Since there are several possible issues, there are, of course, several possible solutions. Here are a few ways that you can increase your conversions.

Let’s get this fixed…

Have short, concise forms

If your forms take forever to fill out or are too complicated, your audience may lose interest and navigate away from your site before completing it. Ensuring your forms are easy to fill out will help you increase your conversion rates.

Do some A/B testing

Figure out what works best for your site. Try out different headlines, colors, layouts, etc. This will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t. and what draws your audience in. It will help you fix any problems you come across and make your site ideal for your target audience.

Add a live chat

If you’re losing conversions, having a live customer service representative there to assist with any problems they may be having can turn your conversion rate around. Customer support through live chat can save abandoned carts and help answer questions for confused visitors and potential customers. This also allows you to gauge any issues with your site that you may have missed by getting direct feedback from the customers.

CRO Planners

Using a conversion rate optimizing planner will help you identify any issues you may be having and assist you in creating a strategy to solve those issues. They are a convenient tool to have during the process and should be able to help you through most problems.

Track your audience

Figure out what on your site sticks out to your audience and draws them in. You can use heatmaps or scroll maps to see where your traffic is clicking and where they drop off of your landing page. This will help you gauge how to edit and tweak your site for optimal conversion.

Use multimedia elements

The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to provide them with the exact details and properties of the product or services. Using multimedia elements, such as videos, photos, infographics, selection guides, etc. is an excellent way to portray what you are trying to promote and will make the customer more confident in their purchase.

Moving forward…

Increasing conversion rates is essential for every online company. Setting up specific conversion goals geared towards your target audience will better increase visitor engagement. Offering products and services that provide solutions to visitors will help to increase conversion rates and revenue.



Lindsay Todd
Content Coordinator 

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